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Initiate a download with eDiscovery Download Client


After successfully registering an eDiscovery Download Client, you can immediately start downloading custodian data. You can download data onto multiple machines using multiple registered clients.


  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Data Governance > Legal Hold.

  2. In the left pane, click Legal Holds, and click the legal hold name.

  3. Select the custodians for which you want to download data.

  4. Click Download Data.

  5. From the Download Client drop-down box, select the eDiscovery Download Client that you want to use. You can select only a successfully registered client. The location field is auto-populated with the path defined during installation. If you want to change the location, enter a new path in the Location field. Ensure that inSync has the required permissions to access the path.  

  6. In Data Type, select the type of data that you want to download. You have the following options:

    1. Data and Metadata - Downloads the user data and all the related metadata. For more information on what metadata is downloaded, see Structure of data downloaded with eDiscovery Download Client and .csv file properties. Additionally, select the Check for Files Data Integrity option if you want to verify data integrity. For more information, see Verify the integrity of the downloaded data.

    2. Only Metadata - Downloads only the metadata. 

  7. (OPTIONAL) Change the thread count in the config file for eDiscovery Download Client if you want to accelerate the data download process. 

  8. Click Download.

Note: eDiscovery Download Client displays created, accessed, or modified time of files and folders only between Monday, January 1, 1601 12:00:01 AM GMT and Friday, December 31, 9999 11:59:59 PM GMT. If the values lie beyond this date range, then the eDiscovery Download Client displays the downloaded timestamp as the created, accessed, and modified time.

By default, the following thread counts are defined in the config file for eDiscovery Download Client:

  • metadata_thread = 30
  • data_thread = 30

For Windows OS, the config file is located at C:\ProgramData\Druva\eDiscovery, and for Mac OS, the config file is located at /Library/Application\ Support/Druva/eDiscovery

The threads support a value between 1 to 128. Increasing the thread count enables the system to download data faster. 

Increasing thread count may not always result in better performance. Factors such as the operating system, the hardware configuration of the device, and other software running simultaneously, also come into play. 


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