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Create roles for a Legal Administrator

Details of the different roles available for legal administrators and how to create roles.


Cloud administrators can create different roles for legal administrators. Using roles, Cloud administrators can define the actions that Legal administrators can perform on a Legal Hold policy. The roles apply to all Legal Hold policies in that Legal Hold type. 

Example scenario

Let's consider that John Doe and Ernie Carter are two Legal administrators in your organization. 

Also, you have the following 2 types of Legal Hold policies in your organization:

Policy type Legal Hold policies in this type Legal admins to whom this type has been assigned


  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
John Doe


  • Q1-2022
  • Q3-2020
  • Q2-2018
Ernie Carter

You assigned policy type Infosec to John Doe and provided him only View Legal Hold right.

In this scenario, Joe can only view the policies Jan, Feb, Mar. He will not be able to view Q1-2022, Q3-2020, Q2-2018 policies as the Compliance policy type has not been assigned to him. But, you cannot restrict Joe from viewing the details Jan, Feb, Mar Legal Hold policies. Now, if you want to restrict Joe from viewing the details of policy Jan, you must change the policy type of the Jan Legal Hold policy from Infosec to Compliance.


To create a role for a legal administrator 

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click SettingsIcon.png > Administrators. The Administrators and Roles page appears.
  2. Click the Roles tab.
  3. Click New Role. The New Role window appears.
  4. On the Summary page, provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action
    Name    Type the name for this role.
    Description Type a short description for this role.

    Import rights from

    Select Legal Admin.

    Note: You must always select Legal Admin from the Import rights from drop-down box to view the rights available for legal administrators.

  5. Click Next. The Assigned Rights page appears.
  6. On the Assigned Rights page, select the right that you want to create for a legal administrator. You can also select multiple rights. For information on the accesses associated with each right, see Administrator roles and responsibilities.

    create new role.png

    The details for each right is described in the table below:
    Right Description
    Create and manage Legal Holds Allows legal administrators to only create Legal Hold policies and view all Legal Hold policies. Administrators with this right can also add and edit custodians to a Legal Hold policy.

    View Legal Hold

    Allows legal administrators to only view selective Legal Hold and access WebDAV data. This right allows Cloud administrator to allow access only to selective Legal Holds. Cloud administrators can select the Legal Holds for which they want to allow access on the Access Control tab while creating a legal administrator.

    Delete Legal Hold Allows legal administrators to view and delete selective Legal Holds and access WebDAV data for those selective Legal Holds. Similar to the View Legal Hold right, cloud administrators can select the Legal Holds for which they want to allow access on the Access Control tab while creating a legal administrator.
  7. Click Finish. The role appears in the Roles list. 
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