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Enable Geofencing policy for inSync administrators

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When you enable the Geofencing policy for the inSync administrators, they can access the inSync Management Console only after connecting through the corporate network.

Only a Druva Cloud administrator can enable Geofencing. 

Before you begin

You must log in as a Druva Cloud Administrator on the inSync Management Console.


To enable the Geofencing policy for administrators

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click SettingsIcon.png > Settings.
  2. Click the Network tab.
  3. In the Geofencing area, click Edit.
    The Geofencing settings dialog box appears on the page.
  4. Select the Allow admin access to inSync through Public Gateway IPs only checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

The Geofencing policy is activated for all inSync administrators. The policy will come into effect the next time the administrators' login into inSync.

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