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User Details page

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This page gives an in-depth information of the selected user via graphs and tables depicting their usage and other information based on the inSync license.

Access path 

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users. Click a user name to view the user's details as described below.


The Users summary is arranged and displayed across four tabs, depending upon the inSync license your organization holds.  


The following tabs display the various user information -

  • Details tab - Provides user summary, data usage, and lists various data sources under protection. For more information, see <>
  • Backups tab - Lists the data sources under protection and their snapshots - view and manage the snapshots. For more information, see <>
  • DLP tab - If your organization has purchased DLP license, this tab displays the current location or the traced location of the user device on the world map along with other information. For more information, see <>
  • Share Activity tab - If your organization has purchased inSync Share license, this tab displays the activities performed by the user along with their details in inSync Share. For more information, see <>.

Details tab

Summary area

The following table lists the fields in the Summary area.

Field Description
Name The name of the user.

Label of the User-Identifier Custom Attribute

Note: This label appears only when you have enabled User-Identifier Custom Attribute in the AD/LDAP settings as well as opted to display the User-Identifier Custom Attribute on the Users page.

To learn more, see Configure User-Identifier Custom Attribute.  

The actual User-Identifier Custom Attribute of the user from your registered AD/LDAP.


Email The email address of the user. Email alerts and notifications to the user are sent to this email ID.
User Status The status of the user.
Added on The user activation date and time.
Added by The name of the administrator who added the user.
Profile The profile to which the user has been linked to.
Storage The storage region to which the user is linked.
Endpoint quota The maximum amount of data the user can back up or share on the inSync server from all the devices.

The CloudCache Server to which the user is associated.

Note: If a user is not associated to any CloudCache Server,  a double hyphen '--'  is displayed.


AD/LDAP GUID for a user.

Note: If a user is not associated to any AD/LDAP,  a double hyphen '--'  is displayed.

Data Usage area

Based on your license and the different data sources under protection, example, Endpoint (Device) and SaaS Apps (SaaS Apps), this area uniquely displays data for data sources under protection for the user.

Device Usage


Field Description
Devices Backup Data The sum of data in the backup folders on all devices of the user.
Share Data The amount of data in the inSync Share on all devices of the user.
# Devices added The total number of user devices under protection.

SaaS Apps Usage


Field Description
#SaaS Apps Enabled The number of SaaS Apps under protection for the user.
SaaS Apps Backup Data The amount of data in the SaaS Apps under protection.

Data Sources area

This area lists all the user data sources, that is, Device and Cloud Apps which are configured for data protection in inSync.

Field Description
Client The version of inSync Client installed on the device.
Activated on The date on which the inSync Client was activated on the device.
Total Backup data The size of total backed up data of the user during the first and incremental backups.
Last completed backup The date and time when the last backup was taken from the device or cloud app.
Last Backup Status     The status of the last backup.

Backups Tab

The Backups tab provides device or SaaS Apps wise snapshot details for each backup activity. Administrators can view and manage the snapshots based on the requirements.

To start, select the Datasource for which you want to view the snapshot details.


The following details are displayed in the Snapshot area-

If displayed, hover over the icons beside the snapshot to know more about that particular snapshot.

Field Description
Snapshot The date and time when the snapshot was generated.
Size The size of the snapshot.
# Files backed up The number of files backed up as part of the backup.
# Files Missed The number of files missed as part of the backup.


The DLP area displays the number of user's devices that are being traced by inSync. The traced devices are displayed as points on the World map.


Share Activity Tab

The Share Activity tab lists the recent activities of the user in the inSync Share folder. 

Field    Description
Activity  Details of the activity performed.
Time Timestamp details of the activity.
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