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Manage Users page

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This page displays users that are created in the inSync Management Console.

Access Path

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users.

Search User

You can search for user information in inSync by typing their user name or email address in the Search box located at the top-right corner of the Manage Users page.


Manage Users

The following table lists the fields in the Users Lists area.

Field Description
User Name

The name of the user.

If the Username of the users managed using SCIM has special characters ?, *, /, \, < or >, they are automatically replaced by a _ (underscore).

Email The email address of the user. Email alerts and notifications to the user are sent to this email ID.
# Devices The total number of devices that are linked to the user. For example, endpoints such as laptops and mobile devices.
Usage (% Quota) The total data backed up by the user from all the devices. It also displays the percentage of quota utilized.
# Cloud Apps The total number of cloud applications that are linked to the user. For example, the count is displayed as 1 if you have configured Microsoft Office 365 services.
Cloud Apps Usage The total data backed up from all the cloud app accounts linked to the user.
DLP The status of DLP for the user.
Share The status of inSync Share for the user.
User Status The status of a user.
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