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Manage Users using SCIM

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Druva enables administrators to automate user management in inSync using System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) v2.0. SCIM is a standard for the exchange of user identities between identity providers (IdPs) and applications requiring user identity information (such as enterprise SaaS apps).

After integration with SCIM,

  • User accounts are automatically created in inSync when new user accounts are assigned to the SCIM app in the IdP.
  • User account status and their information are automatically updated in inSync based on the updates in the IdP. The following updates to user information are supported currently:
    • Change in Display Name (combination of First Name + Last Name or vice-versa)
    • Change in the Email address
    • Change in User account status update, that is, change of user account status from active to inactive, and inactive to active only.
  • User accounts are automatically preserved in inSync when user accounts are deactivated from the IdP or deleted from the SCIM app.