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Create AirWatch configuration and security policies


The AirWatch configuration and security policies allow you to distribute the policies, and silently activate the inSync Mobile App on the iOS devices. You must create and configure the AirWatch configuration policy to set the key-value pairs that the inSync Mobile App requires to authenticate the Druva inSync users.


To create the AirWatch configuration policies,

  1. Log on to the AirWatch Portal by entering in the web browser.
  2. On the left pane, click Apps & Books. The List View page appears. 
  3. Under the Public tab, click Edit beside the inSync Mobile App. The Edit Application - Druva inSync dialog box appears.

  4. In the Deployment tab, select the Send Application Configuration check box.
  5. Under Application Configuration, enter the following information:
    Key Value


    Enter the Druva inSync Server name. For example,


    Enter the value {EmailAddress}.

    This key will fetch the email ID of the Druva inSync user and update automatically while accessing the inSync Mobile App.


    You require this token for authenticating the inSync Mobile App with AirWatch Server.

    To configure the .ipa file to install the policies on inSync Mobile App, you must have a mass deployment token. The mass deployment token allows you to distribute and silently activate the inSync Mobile App on multiple iOS devices.

    If you have an inSync On-Premises account, for more information on how you can generate a mass deployment token, see Generate a mass deployment token.
    If you have a Druva inSync Cloud account, for more information on how you can generate a mass deployment token, see Generate a mass deployment token.


    Enter Yes to allow copy of the content from the files, else enter No to restrict copying the file contents.


    Enter Yes to allow printing of the files, else enter No to restrict the printing of the files.


    Enter Yes to allow opening the file in other app, else enter No to restrict opening the file in other apps.

    Enter the comma-separated bundle ID of the apps that you want to open your file in. Druva inSync lets you open the file only in those apps.

    For example, to allow the file to open in Microsoft Office Mobile, then enter To allow the file to open in Dropbox, enter com.getdropbox.Dropbox.

    To enable the Share via email option, whitelist Apple Mail by adding the following bundle ID:

    You must specify allowOpenIn as Yes, and then specify which apps you want the files to open in. You cannot specify allowOpenIn as Yes, and then keep this field blank; this will in turn show an error message. You must specify a value here.

    To allow the file to open in any app, do not enter this key. 

    If you specify allowOpenIn as No, then the file will not open in any app except in inSync Mobile App. 


    • The key values are case-sensitive.
    • If you do not add the allowCopy, allowPrint, allowOpenIn keys, Druva inSync by default allows copying, printing and opening of files in other apps. 

  6. Click Save & Publish.
  7. Click Publish.

The configuration and security policies get saved to the inSync Mobile App.

For example, if you have defined allowOpenIn as No, then the user will not be able to open the file in any other app, and will encounter the following error:

Open in_disabled.PNG