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Parameters required during installation

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When you install the inSync Client through integrated mass deployment (IMD), you must include certain parameters that help the client to send activation requests to inSync Master. The following table lists these parameters and their purpose.

Parameter Purpose
Mass deployment token inSync Client uses this as a part of the authentication request that it sends to inSync Master.
inSync server IP address and port number inSync Client requires this information to connect to inSync Master.
Proxy server details inSync Client requires this information only if it has to connect to inSync Master through a proxy server. inSync supports the following methods of locating the proxy server:
  • inSync can use the system proxy settings. This is the proxy details included in the laptop's browser.
  • inSync can connect to a static proxy server. In such scenarios, the IP address and port number of the proxy server, and the proxy type is required.
  • inSync can connect to a proxy server whose details are published on a PAC file on a WPAD URL. In such scenarios, the WPAD URL and the proxy type is required.
Custom location for inSync Share folder For Windows and Mac laptops, you can define the location where inSync must create the inSync Share folder. If the folder does not exist on user's laptop, inSync creates the inSync Share folder in the default location:
  • WindowsC:\Users\<user name>\inSync Share
  • Mac/Users/<username>/inSync Share
  • Linux/home/<username>/inSync Share
inSync CloudCache Server details inSync Client requires this information only if it has to map users to your inSync CloudCache Server. For more information on inSync CloudCache Server, see About inSync CloudCache Server.

Install the inSync Client in a specific language

inSync Client requires this information only if you want to install the inSync Client in one of the following languages:

French (fr), German (de), English (en), Japanese (ja), and Spanish (es).