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Preserve Users

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You can disable backups for users by preserving them inSync. Such users will not be able to  backup any more data.

  • License of all preserved users is immediately released. You can use these freed licenses to create new users in inSync.
  • When you preserve a user, inSync retains the user's backed up data as per the defined Backup Retention Policy. inSync automatically deletes user data that falls out of the defined retention period . Hence, if you want to preserve data for a user, you must put that user on Legal Hold.

However, by default, there is a limitation to the number of users that you can mark as preserved. The number of users that you can preserve is dependent on the number of user license purchased by your organization.

Type of Licenses

In addition to the default, Active User License, inSync offers Preserved User License.

By default, you are assigned a preserved user limit of 10% of your Active User License count.

By purchasing Preserved User License, you can preserve additional users, over and above the system defined limitation for keeping preserved users in inSync.

For more information on licensing, contact Druva Support.

When you purchase additional Preserved Users License, your Total Licensed Users count is increased to reflect the addition in license.

Total Licensed Users = Number of Active User License + Number of Preserved User License

By increase in the number of Total Licensed users count, inSync automatically calculates and revises the number of total preserved users you can keep.

You can preserve users until you reach deployment limit of 110 percent of Total Licensed users in inSync. Deployed users is a combined total of active users and preserved users in inSync. After the total number of deployed users reaches 110% of Total Licensed users, you cannot preserve any more users.

Deployed users = Active users + Preserved users

where to preserve a user,

Deployed users < 110 % of Total Licensed users.

An alert message is generated when you have reached 107% of your total licensed users.

If you want to preserve additional users over and above this limit, then you must do one of the following:

  • Purchase additional Preserved Users license.
    Contact Druva Support for purchasing additional Preserved Users license.
  • Delete users from your preserved users list.
Example - Using Preserved User License

Assume, your organization has purchased Active User License for 1000 users. Currently, you have deployed 800 users in active state and 50 users are in preserved state.

Total Licensed users Active User License Preserved User License
1000 1000 0
  • Total number of deployed users = 850 users (800 users in active state + 50 users in preserved state).
  • Default number of preserved users assigned count = 100 users (10% of Active User License)
  • Based on formula, Maximum deployed users allowed = 1100 (110% of Total licensed users)

At this stage,

  • You can create new users until you reach your Active License User limit.
  • You can mark additional users in preserved state until you reach a total deployment user count of 1100.

In this scenario, if you reach the maximum deployed user count of 1100 users (For example, 850 active users + 250 preserved users), you must do one of the following:

  • Delete already preserved users in inSync
  • Purchase additional Preserved Users license.

If your organization decides:

Not to purchase additional Preserved Users license
You must delete already preserved users to accommodate other preserved users.

Note: In this case, you can still create new users, since you have not reached your Active License User count of 1000 users.

Purchase additional Preserved Users license

If your organization decides to go ahead and purchase additional 300 Preserved Users license, then inSync revises the number of total preserved users you can keep as follows:

Total Licensed users Active User License Preserved User License
1300 1000 300

Currently, total number of deployed users = 1100 users (850 active users + 250 preserved users).

Based on revised calculation, now,

  • Number of preserved users assigned = 400 (Default 100 users + 300 Preserved User License users)
  • Maximum deployed users allowed = 1430 (110% of Total Licensed users)

You are now allowed to preserve additional users up to total deployed user count of 1430 against the earlier count of 1100.

Note: Though, the maximum deployed users allowed count has increased to 1430, you will be able to create only 150 more new users, since you have only 1000 Active License user count.


You can also automate and preserve an user using the inSync APIs. Use Preserve a user API to automate the preservation of user. For detailed information, see Druva Developer Portal.

To preserve users by logging into inSync Management Console,

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Users.
  2. Identify and select the check box for the users that you want to preserve.
  3. Click Options Options_icon.jpg located at the top of the table, and then select Activate.