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Configure inSync for SSO

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If you are a cloud administrator, you can configure SSO for your inSync setup. At the time of configuration, you must provide IdP details that you obtained at the time of working with your IdP. 


To configure single sign-on settings

  1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click  > Settings.
  2. Click the Single Sign-On tab and under Single Sign-On Configuration, click Edit. The Single Sign-On Settings window appears.
  3. Provide the appropriate information for each field.
    Field Action

    ID Provider Login URL

    Type the URL to the page to which a user is directed upon successful completion of single sign-on.

    ID Provider Certificate

    Copy the content of the public key certificate that your IdP provided. This certificate ensures that the communication between inSync Master and your IdP is secure. 

    AuthnRequests Signed

    Select this checkbox, if you want signed SAML Authentication Requests.

    By default, SAML Authentication Requests are not signed.

    Want Assertions Encrypted

    Select this checkbox, if you want to enable encryption for the SAML assertions.

    By default, encryption is disabled.

  4. Click Save.