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Hide inSync Notifications

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inSync, by default, displays notifications for important updates like recent Cloud Update and action like - second administrator is not configured.

Notifications appear when inSync administrators log on to the inSync Management Console. Notifications are displayed at the bottom-right corner on the inSync Management Console dashboard. Notification disappear automatically after 20 seconds.

By default, notifications appear everytime an inSync administrator logs on to the inSync Management Console.

You can hide or snooze notifications, if you don't want to see the same notification, until a new notification arrives.

Hide inSync Notifications

To hide or snooze inSync notification, until a new one arrives,

  1. On the inSync Management Console Dashboard page, hover over the inSync notification.
  2. Click to hide the notification until a new notification arrives.

 inSync will now only display notifications when a new notification arrives in inSync Management Console.

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