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Create other administrators

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As an inSync Cloud administrator, you might want to delegate some of the actions and activities required in inSync Management Console to other administrators. inSync enables you to create other administrators and delegate appropriate rights to them.

This section lists the pre-defined roles and rights available to default administrators. It also describes the procedures to create other administrators. Here is the list of articles in this section, that help you create additional administrators in inSync.

Topic Description
inSync Administrator Roles Lists and describes different types of administrators in inSync.
Predefined Roles and Rights Lists the default rights available to different types of administrators.
Exclusive rights for Cloud and Legal administrators Describes the exclusive rights available for inSync Cloud and Legal administrators.
Create a Role Provides instructions to create predefined and custom roles for administrators.
Create a Cloud Administrator Provides instructions to create an additional inSync Cloud administrator.
Create a Data Protection Officer Provides instructions to create a inSync Data Protection Officer.
Create a Help Desk administrator Provides instructions to create a inSync Help Desk Administrator.
Create a Legal administrator Provide instructions to create a inSync Legal Administrator.
Create a Profile administrator Provides instructions to create a inSync Profile administrator.
Create a View-Only administrator Provides instructions to create a inSync View-Only administrator.