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Upcoming enhancements with cloud update July 24, 2021

Starting July 24, 2021, you can create a dedicated workload administrator and allow administrators to manage backup and restores for specific workloads as authorized by the cloud administrator.  Also, the administrator will have access only to the assigned workloads through the refreshed workload-based user interface.  

Following are some of the key enhancements. 

Configure administrators for specific workloads 

To help meet your compliance regulations, you can now ensure that administrators have workload-based granular access rights only to the workloads they should manage. Here's how can you do so:

►Create a dedicated Workload administrator
You will be able to create a dedicated Workload administrator to manage operations for specific workloads. 
For example, a Workload administrator for the Endpoints will have operational rights only related to Endpoints. Similarly, a Workload administrator for Microsoft 365 > Exchange Online, will have access to only Exchange Online and to no other workload. As part of this change:
  • A Workload Administrator role is added with predefined access rights for workload management and backup and restore.

    The following image provides a preview of the Workload Administrator role.

  • When you create a workload administrator you can assign the specific workloads. Here’s a quick preview of the administrator creation process.

    Workload Admin.gif
Configure inSync administrators with access to specific workloads
Similar to a Workload administrator, you will be able to configure existing inSync administrators (excluding Cloud administrator and Legal administrator) with rights to access specific workloads.

►Leverage updated categories for predefined roles and rights
To support granular access rights for workloads, the categories of rights for predefined roles will be updated.

Note: None of the existing rights will be deprecated. Thus, there will be no impact on the roles you have already configured.

The following image provides a preview of the updated categories.


Workload-based product experience

The administrator experience is simplified for viewing and managing only the workloads they are assigned and based on the roles and rights. The workload-based product experience provides:

►Workload dashboard view
Instead of a common inSync dashboard, you will now be able to monitor your workloads from the dedicated dashboards designed for each workload.
  • The following image provides a preview of the Endpoints dashboard

  • The following image provides a preview of the Microsoft 365 dashboard

  • As part of this change, the Users summary will be displayed on the User page.

    The following image provides a preview:

Workload-based navigation

Instead of listing all the inSync workload under a common inSync category on the Druva Cloud Platform, there will be separate categories:

  • Endpoints
  • SaaS Apps


    The global navigation panel will also reflect the workload-based categorization.
►In-app view of jobs
Instead of the Availability menu, you can now monitor backup jobs, restore jobs, and live activities from the interface of the respective workload.
  • In the case of SaaS Apps, jobs can be accessed from the left pane.


    Note: The Jobs page displays the completed backup and restores job status for the following workloads:
    • Google Workspace - Gmail and Google Drive

    • Microsoft 365 - Exchange Online and OneDrive
  • In the case of Endpoints, jobs can be accessed from the top navigation bar.


Updates to the top navigation menu

►Here’s a glimpse of the top navigation menu that will be available after the update

The following changes will be available:
  • Workload selection capability in the Data Sources menu will be available in the   global navigation menu as demonstrated in the Workload-based user experience.
  • Services in the Governance menu will now be available in the   global navigation menu as demonstrated in the Workload-based user experience. Audit trails will still be available on the top navigation bar. 
  • The Availability menu will be removed from inSync Management Console with the in-app Job view enhancement. 
  • Options under the Manage menu are moved to  Settings.
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