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Announcing the upcoming inSync Client 7.0.0

Upcoming inSync Client 7.0.0 

We are pleased to announce the upcoming inSync Client v7.0.0 release scheduled for July 24, 2021.

Let's take a quick look at what's in store for you with this release!

Prevent users from canceling ongoing backups

Now get total control over preventing the end-users from canceling the scheduled or manually triggered backups!

inSync Profiles now provides you an option to restrict the users from canceling backups. Rest assured, each backup happening on the end-user devices is completed without any user interrupt or data loss.  

Failsafe inSync Client auto-upgrade

Worry no more if the inSync Client auto-upgrade fails due to any unexpected reasons!

The new inSync Client is now equipped with the capability to auto-roll back to the previous inSync Client version during inSync Client auto-upgrade. This ensures that all user configurations and data remain intact and the devices continue to backup as usual. 

Enhancements to data restore

The data restore functionality now has an option to restore the data to the original location across devices when the user has more than one device configured. inSync administrators and end-users can choose to restore the data to the original location across the devices of the same OS platform.

Stay tuned!

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